The Committee

Jason Rosamond

Steven Widdowson

Huw Phillips

Lewis Torr

Nominated Members

David Brookes
Rev Canon Hazel Charlton
James Porter
Katie Tompkin

Club Council Representatives

Jason Rosamond

Forum Representatives

Jason Rosamond
Steven Widdowson
Roger Price

Independant Delegates

Roger Price
Jude Rosen

Centre Delegates

Derbyshire - Lynn Smith and Helen Wanless
Leicestershire - Gary Brewin and Heidi Cadwallader
Lincolnshire - Susie Sewell and Pete Sewell
Midland - Gordon Mitchell and Matthew Hart
Northamptonshire & Rutland -
Nottinghamshire - Martin Critchley and Tracy Orchard
North Staffordshire - Brian Joyce and Stephen Osborne
South Staffordshire - Jo Clarke and Graham Clarke
East Warwickshire - Darren Shaw and Jane Rigby
West Warwickshire - Dave Waring