1. The Region shall be named the ‘CENTRAL REGION ‘. It is hereinafter called ‘the Region’.


2. The region covers an area confined within the boundaries of the following Centres of The Caravan and Motorhome Club

  • Derbyshire Centre
  • East Warwickshire Centre
  • Leicestershire Centre
  • Lincolnshire Centre
  • Midland Centre
  • Northamptonshrie and Rutland Centre
  • North Staffordshire Centre
  • Nottinghamshire Centre
  • South Stafforshire Centre
  • West Warwickshire Centre
  • Objects

    3. The objects of the Region shall be:
    a. To represent general matters of Club or Centre interest to The Club Council.
    b. To provide a means whereby The Caravan and Motorhome Club interests of those members living in the area may be fostered.
    c. To provide a forum to discuss and solve local problems at Regional level.


    4. The affairs and activities of the Region shall be controlled and managed by a Regional Council comprising:
    a. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer. They shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Region and shall form the Elected Officers.
    b. Two delegates appointed by the Committee of each Centre within the Region.
    c. Up to three co-opted members, being current Club members not registered with any Centre and approved by The Club’s Executive Committee.
    5. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman may normally serve a maximum of three consecutive years. However, in exceptional circumstances, the nomination of any such member for one further period only of one year may be accepted with the agreement of the Regional Council and, if elected, the member may complete a four year term in that office. After completing a three or four year term of office, a Chairman may offer himself up for election again after being out of office for one year. A Vice-Chairman may stand for the office of Chairman without any such gap in office. No Club member currently holding elected office or committee membership within a Centre is eligible to be a candidate for elected Regional office.
    6. Any member of The Caravan and Motorhome Club living in a Region or registered with a Centre in that Region shall be eligible to become an elected member in a Region.
    7. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of The Caravan and Motorhome Club shall be ex-officio members of the Regional Council. Members of the Executive Committee and Nominated members of Club Council living in the Region may be in attendance with the right to speak but not to vote. The Director General or his representative may also be in attendance with the right to speak, but not to vote.
    8. Should a vacancy occur in the elected members of the Regional Council during the year, the Regional Council may co-opt a member to fill the vacancy.
    9. At Regional Council meetings, 30% of those eligible to vote shall form a quorum.
    10. The Regional Council will be required to meet the Objects in paragraph 3 above.


    11. Annual General Meetings shall be held at such time and place as the Regional Council decides provided that every Annual General Meeting shall be held not more that fifteen months after the holding of the last preceding Annual General Meeting.
    12. The Annual General Meeting of each Region shall be open to all members of The Caravan and Motorhome Club. However, only those Club members resident in the designated area of the Region and those members of the Centres that make up the Region shall be entitled to speak and vote. Those detailed at paragraph 7 shall be entitled to speak, but not to vote. It shall be at a time and place fixed at the preceding Regional Annual General Meeting or by the Regional Council. At the meeting, the Hon Secretary shall present his/her report and the Hon Treasurer shall submit a Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet duly audited for the preceding financial year. Nominations for Elected Officers, signed by the nominee must be received in writing by the Hon Secretary of the Region not later than 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    13. Notice of the Annual General Meeting, specifying the time, place, main objectives and any special motions of the meeting shall be submitted by the Regional Secretary in time for publication in The Club Magazine. Non receipt of The Club Magazine shall not be grounds for invalidating the meeting.
    14. Notices of Special Motion for the Annual General Meeting must be lodged with the Hon Secretary not less than three calendar months prior to the Meeting.
    15. A Special General Meeting of the Region shall be called by the Hon Secretary on receipt of either: a. Instructions from the Regional Council
    b. A request in writing giving 90 days notice signed by not fewer than twenty-five Full members of the Region, such request setting out clearly the purpose for which a Special General Meeting is desired. Not less than 14 clear days’ notice must be given to members. The Notice calling a Special General Meeting shall set forth clearly the purpose for which the Meeting is being held or shall otherwise make known that a clear statement of that purpose will be available from the Hon Secretary on request.
    16. At all General Meetings, ten members with voting powers shall form a quorum.
    17. At all General Meetings, the Chairman of the Region shall preside; failing him/her, the Vice-Chairma. In the absence of both, the meeting shall elect a Chairman.
    18. The Regional Council will hold at least one meeting each year in addition to the AGM in order to brief the Regional Representative to The Club Council on matters relevant to The Club Council’s Agenda.

    Voting Powers

    19. At the Regional Annual General Meeting, each qualified member (see paragraph 12 above) shall, on production of a current Club Membership Card, have one vote.
    20. Voting at Regional Council Meetings on all motions, amendments and questions shall be determined by a show of hands unless a poll be demanded by the Chairman of the meeting or by three members present.
    21. In votes for office when more than one nomination is received, voting shall be by secret ballot.
    22. At both General Meetings and Regional Council Meetings, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second and casting vote for use in the event of a tie.


    23. Each Region will receive an annual grant from Club funds to defray agreed administrative costs. The amount of such grant will be determined by the Executive Committee after receiving advice from the Grants Committee. Grants will be subject to periodic review.
    24. The financial year of the Region shall end on the 31st day of December.
    25. Prior to the Annual General Meeting, and at such other times as the Council may think fit, the books and accounts of the Hon Treasurer shall be audited by the Independent Accountant.
    26. The Independent Accountant , properly qualified, not a member of the Regional Council, shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Independent Accountant’s expenses will be defrayed by The Club.
    27. No member may pledge the Credit of the Region unless authorised by the Regional Council.

    Representation on Club Council

    28. The Regional Chairman shall be the Region’s appointed representative on Club Council. If unable to attend a Club Council meeting, the Regional Chairman shall appoint one of the other elected officers to attend in his/her place.

    Alteration of Constitution

    29. Proposals for amendments to the Constitution shall be made only at a General Meeting of the Region by the vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting at such a meeting and shall be submitted to the Executive Committee of The Caravan and Motorhome Club. Not less than ‘three calendar months’ notice of motion to make such additions or amendments shall be given in writing to the Hon Secretary. The motion shall be made known to the members by publishing either the motion or a statement indicating that copies of the motion will be available from the Hon Secretary on request. The power to decide amendments to the Constitution is vested solely in the Executive Committee under Club Bye-law 35.2.